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We Are Stronger Together!

Nordic Interior Landscaping Association wants to be a hub for the players in the plant service industry, and function as an inspiring, uniting and knowledgeable support player that contributes to good plant conditions and improves the reputation of the industry. The organisation will protect the interests of its members when it comes to professional development, relevant legislation and healthy competition conditions. For the organisation to be able to continue the work that has been carried out in the last few years, we depend on the support of you in the industry in our work!

We would like to be seen as innovative, flexible and adjustable. We are driven by a strong mission to deliver added value in everything we do and to never stand still.

Become a member

What do we collaborate on?

  • Training staff
  • Updating and renewing quality standards
  • Joint representation in the European trade association
  • Joint marketing of the industry
  • Updating knowledge

What do members commit to?

  • That the business mainly works in interior landscaping service and sales
  • That the business has good finances and a serious professional practice
  • That the business fulfils Nordic Interior Landscaping Association’s joint quality standards in aspects such as delivery and service/maintenance, environmental policy, insurances, etc.